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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Another Boring Day..

Hey! How are you all? Had a good day?
My day has been un-eventful yet again, i know, i know, im boring right?! Tbh, i haven't had a chance to do anything fun at all today because ive been to work! For those who don't know, i work at Clinton Cards, but i dont want to stay in retail my whole life, i am currently looking for a job in a Childrens Nursery, as i love kids. Anyway, what i can i say, its work, its the same thing every day im in. Although today my Manager had to give me a coaching lesson. Not because im bad or anything, its just something she has to do. So after the coaching lesson, i had to start doing certain things, like greeting customers as they walk through the door, which i dont normally do because half the timethey just ignore you, or pretand they never heard you & it makes me feel like shouting HELLO I JUST SPOKE TO YOU! It bugs me sooo much! Like why do people have to be so ignorant, im just being polite!

Anyone else have any pet peevs where certain things just really annoy them? if you do be sure to leave a comment and tell me!

Tomorrow im going to write a post about these Hair, Skin & Nails tablets i've been taking, so take a look at tomorrows post!

Hope you all have a good evening.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Rainy Day.

Evening! So today hasn't been very eventful at all! Its been miserable outside and i have done nothing, me being me.
Although i did go to my Aunties for a few hours with my mum, too see my Cousins. Lauren, Sam & Jasmine, which was fun, its always fun when im with Lauren, shes my bestfriend/cousin but tbh we're more like sisters. We like the same stuff and do the same things, we're one in the same ♥
Me & Lauren picked Sam & Jas up from school which was nice because i've never picked them up before.

Me & Lauren

Did anyone else do anything fun today?
Btw i promise my blog will have exciting posts & updates from time to time, but you got to expect the not so exciting posts every once in a while ay.

Monday, 16 April 2012

My First Post

Okay, so Hi! Im Hanna, this is my first Blog & im actually quite stuck on what to write tbh! So i thought that maybe as this is my first post i should tell you about me, i'll get all the boring stuff out the way first! Im 17 years old & my birthday is on the 10th July, not long before im 18! I live with my mum in Kent, I have one younger sibling, a brother called William, he lives with my dad. My dads a sore topic for me to talk about, so im not going to express my feelings on that in my first post, i probably will end up posting about him sometime though. I have 2 cats, their my babies! A black and white boy, called Alfie & a little tabby girl called Lottie, i honestly treat them as if they are actually my babies, i love them! Oh and i know that makes me sound asif im some complete and utter wierdo but im not, i promise. I have an amazing family, i honestly couldn't ask for a better one. My mum means the world to me & i wouldn't cope without her. Im one lucky girl because i also have an amazing boyfriend, Jack. I know people say oh, your to young, but its my life & his been in my life for a long time. We started going out when we was around 13-14, we was together for just over a year, before splitting for 9 months due to some big issues we had. Then one night he messaged me & a few months later, hey presto we're back together, happily and its now been a year and a half almost. I love him. As every couple do, we bicker and argue but we strong together and bring out the best in eachother.
I currently work as a Sales Assistant in Clinton Cards, not my ideal job, but its something for the moment. I have a Diploma in Childcare and am hoping to work in a Nursery.

Loves ♥
I love lots of things, i'll name a few for you.. Nicki Minaj, The Kardashian/Jenners, Pretty Little Liars, Teen Mom, 16 & pregnant, watching films,/tele shows, playing the PS3, being out & with my family/friends/boyfriend, lazy days, Summer, food, working, drinking, music, chocolate, make-up, fashion, beauty.

So like every person theres things i hate, heres a few.. Wind, rain, backstabbers, users, haters, brussell sproats & nuts! (like ew!), spiders, snakes, rats, my looks, spots.

Im planning to post at least everyday, maybe more! I will post about anything & everything, what ive done in the day or something thats intrested me or anything i just want to chat about really. If anyone comments etc i will write back. :)
So there it is, my first post. I actually really enjoyed writing this. Looking foward to posting tomorrow! Goodnight xoxo.