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Monday, 16 April 2012

My First Post

Okay, so Hi! Im Hanna, this is my first Blog & im actually quite stuck on what to write tbh! So i thought that maybe as this is my first post i should tell you about me, i'll get all the boring stuff out the way first! Im 17 years old & my birthday is on the 10th July, not long before im 18! I live with my mum in Kent, I have one younger sibling, a brother called William, he lives with my dad. My dads a sore topic for me to talk about, so im not going to express my feelings on that in my first post, i probably will end up posting about him sometime though. I have 2 cats, their my babies! A black and white boy, called Alfie & a little tabby girl called Lottie, i honestly treat them as if they are actually my babies, i love them! Oh and i know that makes me sound asif im some complete and utter wierdo but im not, i promise. I have an amazing family, i honestly couldn't ask for a better one. My mum means the world to me & i wouldn't cope without her. Im one lucky girl because i also have an amazing boyfriend, Jack. I know people say oh, your to young, but its my life & his been in my life for a long time. We started going out when we was around 13-14, we was together for just over a year, before splitting for 9 months due to some big issues we had. Then one night he messaged me & a few months later, hey presto we're back together, happily and its now been a year and a half almost. I love him. As every couple do, we bicker and argue but we strong together and bring out the best in eachother.
I currently work as a Sales Assistant in Clinton Cards, not my ideal job, but its something for the moment. I have a Diploma in Childcare and am hoping to work in a Nursery.

Loves ♥
I love lots of things, i'll name a few for you.. Nicki Minaj, The Kardashian/Jenners, Pretty Little Liars, Teen Mom, 16 & pregnant, watching films,/tele shows, playing the PS3, being out & with my family/friends/boyfriend, lazy days, Summer, food, working, drinking, music, chocolate, make-up, fashion, beauty.

So like every person theres things i hate, heres a few.. Wind, rain, backstabbers, users, haters, brussell sproats & nuts! (like ew!), spiders, snakes, rats, my looks, spots.

Im planning to post at least everyday, maybe more! I will post about anything & everything, what ive done in the day or something thats intrested me or anything i just want to chat about really. If anyone comments etc i will write back. :)
So there it is, my first post. I actually really enjoyed writing this. Looking foward to posting tomorrow! Goodnight xoxo.