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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Another Boring Day..

Hey! How are you all? Had a good day?
My day has been un-eventful yet again, i know, i know, im boring right?! Tbh, i haven't had a chance to do anything fun at all today because ive been to work! For those who don't know, i work at Clinton Cards, but i dont want to stay in retail my whole life, i am currently looking for a job in a Childrens Nursery, as i love kids. Anyway, what i can i say, its work, its the same thing every day im in. Although today my Manager had to give me a coaching lesson. Not because im bad or anything, its just something she has to do. So after the coaching lesson, i had to start doing certain things, like greeting customers as they walk through the door, which i dont normally do because half the timethey just ignore you, or pretand they never heard you & it makes me feel like shouting HELLO I JUST SPOKE TO YOU! It bugs me sooo much! Like why do people have to be so ignorant, im just being polite!

Anyone else have any pet peevs where certain things just really annoy them? if you do be sure to leave a comment and tell me!

Tomorrow im going to write a post about these Hair, Skin & Nails tablets i've been taking, so take a look at tomorrows post!

Hope you all have a good evening.

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  1. i have so many pet peeves haha but i cant think of any right now